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Design your unique Hannes Strolz ski boot exclusively at Skibootique in Lech.

Ski boots as UNIQUE as you

Put together your own unique Hannes Strolz ski boot exclusively at Skibootique. Seven individual parts can be put together in different colors, some of which are only available at Skibootique, to create your very own personal ski boot.

In 5 steps to the perfect ski boot

1. Arrangement of 2 appointments
First appointment: 15 - 30 min, ideally before lunch break
Second appointment: 1 hour, ideally in the afternoon

2. Customer advice
Product explanation , model consultation

3. Measuring
Foot analysis with 3D scan

4. Shoe stretching and modeling
The shell is warmed up and then made to measure with a wooden model made to measure

5. FoamingTaping the feet to avoid pressure points.foaming the shoe

Making a custom insole is recommended and can be done either between steps 3 and 4 or just before foaming.

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